Aviator game strategy

Most gamblers are familiar with the innovative development of the Georgian slot machine manufacturer Spribe called Aviator. Many players have forever become fans of the fascinating crash game and came up with its diminutive name «Airplane».

Aviator game strategy

Numerous positive reviews from regular users testify to a number of key reasons that have contributed to the growing popularity of the slot machine Aviator:

  • 97% RTP;
  • Simple game rules;
  • Big winnings in a short amount of time;
  • Provably Fair Technology;
  • Proven fairness.

In-game chat room where users can exchange experience and chat while playing. The key to success in aviator games is calculating the correct time for the plane to reach altitude, during which time the multiplier increases, and pressing the «Cashout» button before the plane takes off.

How to win at Aviator

In the meantime, despite the simplicity of the gameplay, to win at Aviator you need to make good use of the available functionality, consider the statistics of other users’ successful bets, and learn to apply the working strategies and schemes used by experienced players. An effective Aviator strategy will help you always stay in the black.

You should not start playing for real money on the first day. At the initial stage, it is recommended to use the aviator demo version of the game, which is enabled by default when you load the slot machine. The «Statistics» option allows you to see information about all users’ bets over the past few months. The file contains data from all the gaming sites that provide the opportunity to play aviator.
The statistics show the following average frequency of multiplier growth:

  • x1 — once per 50 take-offs;
  • Between x1 and x1.20 — 10% of the total number of rounds;
  • above x100 — once in 250 rounds;
  • x200 — once every one and a half hours.

Taking into account the five-second interval between rounds in which the player has to make a bet, and the average length of a round from 8 to 30 seconds, you can try to calculate the moment when the random number generator will give the highest multiplier.

Experience shows that players who cash out most often win by betting between x2 and x4 multipliers. When using this technique, it is effective to use the ability to make two bets simultaneously, as well as the setting of the «Auto Play» and «Auto Cashout» functions. The latter option allows you to set the odds at which the winnings will be automatically deposited on the player’s balance.

Strategies and schemes

After reading customer reviews on the official website of the pin up online casino, you can take schemes that have helped players win at the aviator machine. Working aviator strategies can also be found on specialized gaming forums. We suggest readers to get acquainted with several variants of the most effective strategies used when playing «aeroplane»

Small stakes strategy

The simplest strategy in the game aviator is to use the option «autoplay» and setting «auto-cashout» at a rate of 1.10 — 1.21 at a rate of 1000 rubles. The essence of the scheme is that most of the aircraft takeoffs end outside the multiplier x2.3, and the barrier of 1.10 is overcome in almost every takeoff.

Based on this, for the first ten takeoffs, the player can recoup his investment by winning 100 rubles per round. When using the strategy, the balance should be sufficient for at least a hundred bets.

Mathematical strategy

The Martingale or mathematical strategy is suitable for most gambling games. The method is that the amount of the new bet is doubled, if the previous one did not play. If the outcome is positive, the player returns to the initial size of the bet. In this way the bet played pays back the loss of the previous round of the game.

The scheme requires a good reaction as the player has to increase his bet in the five second interval between rounds and excludes the possibility of using the auto play and auto cashout options.

Winning strategy

Experienced gamblers use the Aviator winning strategy. Given that the x200+ multiplier rolls once every hour and a half, players measure a set period of time since the last big odd and place big bets when the next maximum high is expected.


If you are not a customer of an online casino, we recommend registering at pin up casino’s official website. The club offers generous starting and regular bonuses and guarantees fair and fast payouts. If you wish, you can download the pin up app for mobile devices. Reviews from real players on the club’s website will help you choose the most effective scheme for playing pin up.

Starting to play in the aviator study the statistics of the slot machine, try out the available functionality and practice using different strategies in a demo mode of the game. Remember that the game should only bring positive emotions, and listed strategies and schemes are not the final authority. Using statistics and the experience of other players, you can always develop your own Aviator strategy and test its effectiveness in demo mode before you start playing for real money.